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4 Agile Ways to Handle Bugs in Production

So many people have asked, so I wrote an article about dealing with bugs in production without losing your agile process for SitePoint:

In a perfect world, every time we rolled out code at the end of a sprint, it would work perfectly in production. There would never be any bugs, and there would never be any issues that forced us to roll back code that has already been deployed.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. That’s one of the reasons why we have agile in the first place. Agile isn’t about pretending that your world is perfect. It’s about adapting to reality, and iterating to improve your processes and your flexibility so that when problems arise you’re able to deal with them.

One of the problems that comes up frequently for teams is the discovery of a new bug in production right in the middle of a sprint. Your team has finished deploying, all the tests passed, and everything has been pushed out to production so customers can start using it.

But maybe an edge case that wasn’t considered comes up. Maybe some aspect of the code that wasn’t fully tested comes to the surface, and starts causing problems for users. How’s your agile team supposed to respond to that?

Read the rest of “4 Agile Ways to Handle Bugs in Production” on SitePoint.

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