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Agile Working for Productive Development

I was asked to write about “Agile Working for Productive Development” for Udemy. Here’s an excerpt:

Engineers and business people alike are enthusiastic about the benefits of creating an agile workplace. Not only is communication improved, and transparency increased, but the ability to produce and iterate on products in a cleaner and more efficient manner can also come out of this work approach.

If you’re considering adopting agile for your work environment for your engineers, it’s important to understand why people would be attracted to this way of working. In many engineering companies, agile is becoming the norm, but it hasn’t been that way forever.

Older approaches such as waterfall development have typically provided engineers up front with complex and detailed product requirement documents, which they then went off and developed in isolation. In an agile environments, product owners and engineers work closely together to refine and develop the features of the product as it is being developed.

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