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Should Our Agile Team Use Scrum or Kanban?

I was asked to write about “Should Our Agile Team Use Scrum or Kanban?” for SitePoint. Here’s an excerpt:

There can be a strong impulse toward choosing the approach that offers the fewest differences from what hasn’t really been working so far.

For some companies, “getting agile” means sprinkling a few new titles and terms around without really changing how the work gets done, and calling it agile. It’s worth giving your team a chance to follow a legitimate agile workflow first, all the while paying attention to what works and for whom.

Two of the most popular approaches to agile workflow are Scrum and Kanban. Since they are both agile, there are many similarities between the processes and tools you use when implementing either. But Scrum and Kanban provide a different set of advantages that are optimized for different applications.

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