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The Scrum Master Role: Keeping Things on Track

I was asked to write about “The Scrum Master Role: Keeping Things on Track” for Udemy. Here’s an excerpt:

Of the defined roles in scrum, one of the most critical to match for personality and skill is the scrum master. In a nutshell, scrum is a system for managing the workflow of a team, usually in a technology field such as software development, to develop a product with specified features that meet the expectations of a product owner.

A strong scrum master has to balance the skills of a negotiator, a writer, and a project manager, and do so with the strength of personality it takes to get people motivated and shepherd them along their path through good times and bad. The personality of the scrum master needs to be strong and charismatic, yet very approachable, so everyone on the team feels confident that oversight of the project is in capable hands.

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